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Valerio's opened in 2006 with one goal in mind: providing an enjoyable family dining experience to the Siedlung community. Family-owned and operated, Valerio's is the culmination of a decades-long passion of the head Chef and CEO, Valerio. Together with his family, they offer exceptional dishes at affordable prices, with a perfect variety for everyone.

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Following in his father's footsteps, Valerio's son Vincent  holds a degree in Systems and Gastronomy Management from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Frankfurt. When he is not busy cooking up delicious food in Valerio's, Vincent also owns and operates Filipinos Ese Food Truck, which has become a favorite in the area - earning a Street-Food Award in Mainz, Germany in 2018.

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Valerio holds Bachelor of Science Degrees in Electrical Engineering from FEATI University in the Philippines, and Hotel and Restaurant Management from Lyceaum University in Manila, respectively. He has had a lifelong passion for culinary arts, specifically Asian and Mexican cuisines. He has served in roles as head Chef and Restaurant Manager, as well as an Expert in Gastronomy Management in his role as vocational instructor in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Frankfurt.



Of course, their family's success would not have been possible without the support of Grace Cantos - wife of Valerio and mother to Vince. Grace has served as the family accountant and assistant, every step of the way. Prior to opening Valerio's, Grace worked at the CSA Hotel and Community for many years. She is the ultimate motivator for the family, and in Vince's words, "mom keeps everyone on the right path".


The image of a banana relaxing under a banana tree by a sizzling wok over a fire, is the perfect symbol for Valerio and his family, and was their family's very first logo. The Philippines is among the world's top 5 exporters of bananas; and is a fruit which serves as an essential ingredient in many traditional Filipino dishes.

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